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The climate on the film is conveyed by the 1st words of the trailer “In 7-day period God came up with world. In seven seconds I destroyed mine. ” The key character, Ben, is actually a deeply unhappy person. Due to Will Smith"s play, it could be guessed from the primary seconds as part of his eyes. He lives alone in their large luxurious house about the shore with the ocean, alone watches the sunsets and sunrises, alone swims and is true of a jog. The viewer is disturbed through the innuendo that shrouds Ben"s life. Sometimes he behaves very strange. For example, he calls the customer service of a cafe and taunts a blind operator, or he sniffs out of financial debts of a patient he met on the hospital.

Ben"s actions are hard to comprehend, but the truth is feel that each the folks where lives he interferes are somehow linked to each other. All are infinitely unhappy.

At regarding the sixth minute, I ended the film because I could don"t hold back my tears. Nothing dramatic perceived to have happened, not a soul was beheaded, no one jumped off the roof. But a feeling of despair grips the viewer from the initial minutes.

Ben invades the lives of countless people - Ezra, the blind live answering services company operator; Emily with heart failure; Connie, that"s regularly beaten by her husband; George can be a hockey coach and others. It"s only by no more the movie that you start to know Ben"s intent. He frightens and while doing so delights, because not everyone is capable of which sacrifice.

The cast is brilliant. It would appear that the actors felt the drama of their total characters, as should they lived it themselves.

The act of the film is associated with heartbreaking music.

Usually, this film seriously isn"t for entertainment but not for watching with friends, as wll as with anyone else. My advice is to watch Seven Lives alone. And to inform the truth, this may not be the film that you would like to discuss.

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